Goodbye old friend, hello new (orleans)

Cry for it all. 

For buckling under the weight of responsibility. For the pain inherited from the past and imparted to the future. The three women’s bodies found in Atlanta parks in the last month. And that one was off the loop around the beloved lake, that belongs to the park next-door to the springs you love. Cry for her, and the friend who passed the same day.

For the effects on your shared family built out of love. 

Take this moment to make a reminder, there is so much love, hope, compassion, care, joy out there, waiting to greet each of us. You are a wonder unto yourself.

And after the tears have been shed, the fears faced, and eyes set on the future, dust it all off and continue to move forward. In this step, say goodbye to Atlanta and hello to New Orleans, to the work that wants to be made, to bigger, braver steps into the world and the future.

Emerald Springs, and all the connections made in Atlanta will surely be missed. But as the past is sloughed off, embrace what a future looks like in Louisiana and beyond, learning about the culture that makes me, and how it shows up in other places across the world. Looking at the deep connection, all the emptiness that makes us whole, the things that keep us united though oceans apart.